On Ancient. Daily Prompt.

Ancient. Most of us have connected the weight of ages and some sort of noblesse. One of the most frequent collocations is Ancient Egypt. I love Ancient Egypt. My first tattoo is made up of three very powerful symbols from Egyptian mythology after all.

But funnily enough, when I saw Ancient as a daily prompt, the first thing crossing my mind was something different. The ancient Dance of the Universe, dance of the Planets and Stars.


When the ancient meets modern; last year’s partial solar eclipse in UK and how iPhone saw it. Yeah, it didn’t see a thing.. In reality you could see just a shining ring around dark center. Like on all those profi pics šŸ™‚

And what about dancing stones? We all know about Stonehenge.. I went to see the Cumbrian little ring, the Castle Rigg. Its stones aren’t taller than an adult, apart from few. Compared to the famous and huge Stonehenge, this looks very humble. But make no mistake, when you’re standing there, something, beyond grasp, is happening. Something “ancient” is weirdly weighing you down and filling you with strange energy at the same time. Even if you believe you just look at some rocks, coincidentally forming a circle..

How Google see it
The maquette
It draws you in. I swear to whatever you believe is the most powerful, it draws you in
The view of Blencathra from the sanctuary.

I will finish my take on this prompt with Martin Bagness’ The Secret of the Stones:

‘why?’ we ask and the wind whispers clues

teases with a song as wide as the sky

words lost in laughter


‘why here?’

but the hills keep their silenceĀ 

offer only shadows


‘who were you?’

and the echoes in the stones

just sigh as if too wise to break the spell

with answersĀ 

Author: pisstowersjettison

Just another special snowflake who lives the paradoxes to the fullest.

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