On Millions and Unimaginable. Daily Prompt.

It’s kinda weird, we have the word millions, we have the number representing it, yet most of us can’t even imagine them in the fullest. I mean, when it comes to millions, we tend to crunch it down, break it into smaller, easier to grasp sections.

One million years ago with average human lifespan experience translates into hell long ago. When I was a kid and heard about one million pounds year’s budget, it meant hell lots of money. Nowadayswe are tossing X millions pounds literally everywhere, but you can hardly touch 18 thousand per year. So, it still means hell lots of money but at the same time, for just over £1,000,000 you can buy 5 bedroom manor style house.. Over one million people live in your city. Who are those people? Again, you crunch it. You know certain amount of people, few hundreds, maybe hitting the thousand. You meet random people on the streets. Yet it’s hell lots of people.

And finally, a different twist: The One in a million.. Is it a rarity or the oddity? One case in million? Or number one preceding six zeros?


Author: pisstowersjettison

Just another special snowflake who lives the paradoxes to the fullest.

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