On Volunteering and Passion. Daily Prompt.

When you think about it, to really truly volunteer for something, you need to sparkle some passion. Like, to leave behind the comfort of first world civilisation with its running water and grocery shops to head to a dusty and malnourished village somewhere in the heart of Africa to help out with their chores and spread the habits of civilised world, you’re not doing it just because you have nothing planned for Saturday afternoon.

Same goes with so called volunteers at your workplace. You either pick the lesser of two evils or you believe you can do it far better and quicker than that duffer from PR. But yet, you care about the outcome to some extent, there’s a little passion, although negatively projected.

And at the same time, solidary volunteering we have all in common. We all are one tribe, we want to help each other. We all have this “selfish” pleasure when we know we made someone happy, made their eyes shine, their smiles wider.

We volunteer for Purpose.



Author: pisstowersjettison

Just another special snowflake who lives the paradoxes to the fullest.

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