On Banned. Daily Prompt.


Sculpture by Martin Hudáček.


Mommy, you don’t want me?
You let me die before I’m born?
You don’t even know if I’m a girl or boy..
Am I not a fruit of love?
Remember, you confessed your love to someone.
Darkness walking around like night guard,
No one needs to see the lover.

Mommy, you don’t want me?
Are you afraid I’ll take more spoonfuls?
I’d live from crumbs only,
like a little sparrow lives.
I’d pick the berries in the forest.
People ate roots and leaves in wars,
And mothers still swaddled the babies.

Mommy, you don’t want me?
And what if you’ll want to pass the cup
Alone you will call for me in vain.
And what if you grow old,
Who will ask you: “Mommy, are you alright?”
Who will take you for a walk when your feet get lame?
And who will hold you in your death?

Mommy, you don’t want me?
I’d love to see the two most beautiful jewels,
Golden Sun and Moon of Silver,
I’d love to watch the peewits and robins,
When peeping out from their nests.
I’d really really love to see the roses, the clouds and the sky,
But most of all I’d love to se You, my Mommy!

Mommy, you don’t want me?
Are you afraid that I won’t have Daddy?
You can lie to me, that he went away to war,
That gunfire ripped you two apart.
That he left you with a letter, a brooch and beads.
You don’t have to tell me that you split up –
When you go to work, you can put me in the nursery.

Mommy, you don’t want me?
Maybe I’ll find the cure for cancer,
And for aging and I start new Era.
Perhaps I’ll fly to the sky in a spaceship,
Step on the Moon and like on Earth I’ll be walking.
Spaceman I might become,
Just to come home to You for cuddles.

Mommy, you don’t want me?
Are you afraid that I’ll rob your beauty from you?
I’d paint you all up again,
And if I take a bit off you,
You can look at me all day long
Like mothers do with their children
You would need no mirror.


Author: pisstowersjettison

Just another special snowflake who lives the paradoxes to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “On Banned. Daily Prompt.”

  1. A friend of mine wrote on one of my post, that pressing the like button need not clarify or agree. But to ban. I have to disagree. But to help to heal is my interpretation of the sculpted. The child that was aborted know the pain of the mother. The choice was made right or wrong is not the question. But forgiveness and or redemption is. Please think about it befor you press delete


    1. For me, the sculpture itself speaks to me on wider platform, including any unborn and therefore the whole range of emotions, from remorses (as intended) to pain from loss and eventually the guilt of failing as a woman.
      Connecting it with “Banned” prompt was based on recent popularity of the topic of abortions and pro-life debates, especially in the USA.
      The poem/not poem is loose translation of an old poem from unknown author I found years ago in an old dusty notebook in the attic of my friend’s gran’s house.
      It’s always hard decision and no one should tell you how to decide but you. Not the government, not the church, not the father. It might sound harsh , but all those can give you only recommendations and express their wishes.

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