Misunderstood. Not sure if for sending mixed signals or lack of empathy and communication… as a foreigner I face some sort of misunderstanding and misinterpretation on daily basis. And let me tell you something: it’s exhausting. Despite of my pretty good level of expression, higher than average vocabulary where I can cover even more complex, abstract and scientific topics as well as idioms and collocations existing only in the non native language, I still seem to find myself when I have to describe what I mean, to explain, to extrapolate.

It makes me think that maybe my command of the language isn’t as good as I imagined. Maybe it’s because the other participants involved are in such mindset that doesn’t allow them to look over any potential errors and mistakes and filter the message beyond those. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe they can’t. I’m not asking for pity. Or patience. Just open your mind, broaden your horizons.

Funnily enough, similar thing happens with my tattoos. For sure, first glance might trigger just a basic image. One or two very distinguishing features can lead one astray. So I have this very simple, almost minimalistic Sword of Justice tattooed. It’s a sword with a bowl hanging from each end of the cross guard. There are few finer details. Alef in the middle of the cross guard, symbols of Sun and Moon on the bowls. Spiral tied grip. Light and dark halves of the blade. Has anyone ever mentioned Sword of Justice? No. Only if I was born under the Libra sign… I’m Cancerarian. Ankh and Scarab is mistaken for Christianity and interests in entomology, Raven for Phoenix..

Are assumption and prejudice guilty? Ignorance? Lack of empathy? I don’t know. But I know that all that shaped me. I’m always looking for several points of view. Different perspectives. Understanding. Empathy. Narrow mindness is frowned upon in my world.




On Debate2016.

Erm, do you remember that Mayan prophecy about 2012? I think the scientists made a mistake in counting and it’s actually gonna happen this year. Pack your shit, folks, we’re goin’ away.. ‘Coz whoever wins on the 8th, the nukes will go off..


On Being Powerful Beyond Measure

Feeling a bit powerless today? Run down? Did Monday catch you off the guard? Need a little push? Try this..

Stand with feet apart, let’s say shoulder-wide. The point is to have a good balance. Nothing more.

Stretch your arms out, palms facing the floor. Turn your head to one side, follow the fingers with your look.

With exhale, twist the upper body as far as you can. Mark where was your finger pointing.

Now go back to the original position and close your eyes. Picture the spot you were pointing to.

Now get ready for the magic of being invincible..! Picture yourself reaching just an inch further. Got it?

Do the twist again..

Let me know what happened in comments below!


Meet Pisstower

Greetings, fellow humans from the outside world. Welcome to yet another attempt of my procrastinating self, wishing to leave some sort of legacy behind 🙂

What you can actually expect? Random thoughts that are bugging me at the given time, politically and gender incorrect, uneducated and strongly subjective comments on contemporary events and hopefully few jokes and funny parts (you know, just to keep it digestible. But will most likely slip down to cold hard sarcasm..).

Quick overview here: a female millennial who by 2020 will be in her thirties and who hates labels (go to hell with that millennial sticker, mate). Born and raised in central Europe in one of the post Soviet countries, currently living in the UK (and getting slightly nervous about what the Brexit will bring to the table). Being able to pay the bills, fill the fridge and occasionally treat herself to luxurious goods like a bottle of fermented beverage or piece of fashion thanks to a full time job in hospitality industry (yup, that’s where the sarcasm originates). Soft spot for common sense – the rare gem nowadays, humour – one of the strongest medicines available, languages – aka the perfect way to misunderstanding and miscommunication, and stories – not necessarily to write them, just the magic they do.


So, I hope you will help to broaden my horizons and I will broaden yours. Well, that’s the plan. Who knows where does this lead..