H2O. Photo Challenge.

H2O. This one will be excessive as I love water. In any shape or form..!

Derwent Water, Keswick
Bristol Channel, Lynton
Yorkshire Dales, near The Tarn
Aftermath of a summer midnight storm during full moon, Yorkshire Dales
Stepping stones in Bolton Abbey
Center Parcs, Cumbria
Tower on the Thames, London
Palace of Westminster, London
The Beck, swollen after the Storm Desmond (2015)
Flooding after the Storm Desmond (2015)
Meanwood Valley, Leeds
Ingleton Waterfall Trail
The mermaid in Podgora, Croatia
Tough Mudder 2015, Yorkshire

On Urgency and Procrastination. Daily Prompt.

Urgency, armed with all that colour coding, punctuation, threatening with consequences and moral remorses. Oh my dearest, you see, your game here is next to none. You’re trying to clash your blades with Master Procrastinator who is surfing the waves of ADD. So darling, if you don’t have the right hit, I’m more than capable to find a way and wipe off that Emergency makeup off your face.

I’m sorry, what did you say? A deadline? But it’s already dead, so why bother?? It can lay there for a little longer. On top of that, I’ve never been a fan of the concept of time anyway.

Oh, here we go, so you’re trying to pull a bigger caliber.. A bodily functions and fluids? Don’t make me laugh.. I’m a waitress, sweetheart, these things happen only once per shift as I’m always on the mission.. Heehee, one would say some things might be more urgent.. Gotchya! Haha..

On Being Powerful Beyond Measure

Feeling a bit powerless today? Run down? Did Monday catch you off the guard? Need a little push? Try this..

Stand with feet apart, let’s say shoulder-wide. The point is to have a good balance. Nothing more.

Stretch your arms out, palms facing the floor. Turn your head to one side, follow the fingers with your look.

With exhale, twist the upper body as far as you can. Mark where was your finger pointing.

Now go back to the original position and close your eyes. Picture the spot you were pointing to.

Now get ready for the magic of being invincible..! Picture yourself reaching just an inch further. Got it?

Do the twist again..

Let me know what happened in comments below!


On trust and red flags. Daily prompt.

Trust, as defined by Oxford dictionary, is a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”.

I find it quite alarming that whenever someone says “trust me”, there’s almost automatic reaction of throwing a red flag out. Is it possible that because we know how many alter egos and social masks we personally hide under, therefore we won’t take anybody else for trustworthy being from the sole reason that we believe that their collection of masks and egos is the same or bigger than ours? In the same logic, those are artificial, fake, not authentic. Hence we can’t trust fully. We still have some expectations, but that’s far away from trusting.

Trust feels like getting stripped naked. And we don’t like being naked. At least not around everyone. More often than we’re comfortable with, we don’t like to be naked in front of ourselves. Because after all, clothes make up few of our masks and alter egos. But there are people in our lives we can trust. Or would we?? Why we sabotage our ability to trust with nagging worst-case scenarios when we’re about to delegate our best interests into someone else’s hands?




Meet Pisstower

Greetings, fellow humans from the outside world. Welcome to yet another attempt of my procrastinating self, wishing to leave some sort of legacy behind 🙂

What you can actually expect? Random thoughts that are bugging me at the given time, politically and gender incorrect, uneducated and strongly subjective comments on contemporary events and hopefully few jokes and funny parts (you know, just to keep it digestible. But will most likely slip down to cold hard sarcasm..).

Quick overview here: a female millennial who by 2020 will be in her thirties and who hates labels (go to hell with that millennial sticker, mate). Born and raised in central Europe in one of the post Soviet countries, currently living in the UK (and getting slightly nervous about what the Brexit will bring to the table). Being able to pay the bills, fill the fridge and occasionally treat herself to luxurious goods like a bottle of fermented beverage or piece of fashion thanks to a full time job in hospitality industry (yup, that’s where the sarcasm originates). Soft spot for common sense – the rare gem nowadays, humour – one of the strongest medicines available, languages – aka the perfect way to misunderstanding and miscommunication, and stories – not necessarily to write them, just the magic they do.


So, I hope you will help to broaden my horizons and I will broaden yours. Well, that’s the plan. Who knows where does this lead..